About XBody

XBody Hungary was established in 2010. It is a 100% Hungarian owned company that manufactures and sells sport equipments based on new all around body electro muscle stimulation training system. From this year the company’s manufacturing process is run by EN ISO 9001: 2009 standards to encourage healthy competition in both domestic and international markets to ensure the implementation of long-term plans.

The company has 20 employees at site in the city of Győr. However numerous external experts in the field of technology, fitness and foreign relation consultancy add value to our daily work providing constant improvement and new perspectives. Nevertheless the new generation technology can be used for therapeutic reasons as well.

XBody sports equipment is now being placed in the fitness and beauty industry worldwide. Its international distribution network has already been established all around the world.

The company has also developed a franchise form called XBody World and a unified, minimal design studio model called XBody Studios. Both of these know-hows provide an integrated and advanced vision of fitness-beauty business policy and service that is to be implemented in our interconnected world globally.

XBody Team is ready to supply all round service tailored to your needs including trainings, consultancy, help desk, research etc.

Should you have any requests of information our customer support is at your disposal.

Headquarter: 35-39., György Aladár u., Budapest, 1125 Hungary

Plant: 66., Török Ignác u., Győr, 9028, Hungary

XBody Hungary Ltd. is the exclusive dealer of XBody Newave device in Hungary.

Have more questions? Call us at +41 43 542 65 91

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